Hayden Education provides customized sales training, organizational development, and coaching and leadership solutions to dental companies and dental practices.

At Hayden Education our customized solutions drive your organization forward to the successful achievement of your desired goals and objectives. We provide a unique and optimal combination of instructional design, content development, coaching and leadership, sales process training and organizational development that takes your business to the next level.

Lost sales opportunity is one of the largest costs to an organization. Why did the customer or patient pass on your solution? What are the knowledge and selling skills gaps that are leading to this under performance and missed revenue? Effective training and education is the answer, however not all training is the same!

Effective Coaching Improves Performance

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Our company believes post-training follow-up and reinforcement from management are the most critical part of any training. These key steps ensure that the desired behavior changes are embedded and positive sales impact is realized. Effective coaching is proven to positively impact performance. How many managers really understand how to coach their teams? What is the difference between management, coaching, and leadership? Through modeling and mentoring managers as they transform themselves into leaders Hayden Education provides this critical, often missing link.

Change for an organization is essential in order to stay competitive. Organizations merge, new leadership is installed, and the ability to reinvent is imperative. Change is the most difficult aspect of a business to manage internally. As external change agents the change management facilitation provided by Hayden Education can reduce chaos, stress and employee turnover that often occur and inhibit the organization from achieving it’s full potential. How can we help you?