Corporate Training

Sales Training Curriculum

How effective is your New Hire Training? National and Regional Sales Meeting? New Product Launch? Do your new sales reps passively attend session after session of Powerpoints delivered by a mix of subject matter experts? Do you wish that your sales reps could learn the products and improve their selling skills and drive sales sooner?

Hayden Education will create a world-class New Hire Training curriculum for your new sales reps, impactful selling skills workshops at your National or Regional Sales Meetings, and ensure that your organization achieves sales targets with New Product Launches.

We provide the unique and optimal combination of instructional design, content development, facilitation and training delivery, selling skills workshops, and metrics to assure that learning is achieved, applied, and leave training with the confidence they need to hit the ground running in their territory and drive sales.

After conducting an onsite needs assessment with sales management and leadership, Hayden Education will create a customized curriculum for your sales reps that incorporates adult learning theories. We use a blended learning approach of including Home Study to absorb the core content and classroom product training. The selling skills workshops encourage new reps to apply new knowledge and skills using real-life selling scenarios that build the confidence they need to leave training, enter the field, and have a direct impact on sales.

“I thought this training was fantastic. I got so much more out of this training than in the past. I think Patrick and Tamara being here for the first 2 days training and learning our products helped a lot because they were able to tailor the training to our needs. I like the process they have laid out, especially the insight statements, and will definitely be implementing them in my sales calls. The role-playing was really beneficial because it actually applied to what we do.”

— Sales Representative, Dental Company

Relationship Selling No Longer Works

Twenty years of experience selling in the dental industry, and training others to sell, has revealed that the professional sales process has evolved to a new level of effectiveness through what is called insight selling. It is no longer sufficient to merely showcase the features and benefits of your product and expect to easily make a sale. Although relationships are very important, relationship selling alone has proven to be ineffective especially in a complex selling environment.

Insight Solutions Selling™

The premise of insight selling for a dental product or service company is that the sales reps provide new and intriguing information to the doctors or customers about market trends, the competition, or even new scientific research that has a proactively high impact on the customers’ business. The importance of asking the customer effective open-ended probing questions to uncover specific needs cannot be ignored.

Insight Solutions SellingHayden Education has designed and developed a sales process that is a hybrid of question-based and insight-based selling called Insight Solution Selling™. The goal is to transform the functionality of your sales organization to the optimal consultative-level where your sales reps competently provide solutions for their customers and prospects. The Sales reps engage in practice growth discussions where they challenge their customers to reinvent themselves and grow their business. The solutions are your organization’s products and services. Insight Solution Selling™ increases the confidence of the Sales reps to demonstrate these desired behaviors that in turn have a significant financial impact for your company.

All dental sales organizations need to adopt a sales process where the sales reps understand the process in a simple manner so they can learn to confidently apply it with their customers and prospects to impact sales. Confidence is the key word! When a dental sales rep is prepared with new information to educate their customer, prepared to ask effective open-ended questions, and prepared to answer the most common questions and objections, they will approach their customers head on and challenge them to reinvent themselves so there can be a positive outcome on the customer’s business. When sales reps can do this, with confidence, the sales of their products and services will follow. In fact, their products and services are the solution. But the dental rep is the differentiator, and they are no longer seen as a “sales rep” at all. They are the business consultant, the wise counselor, and a strong connection that adds value with your rep is now established that will make it near impossible for the competition to enter.

“I have never been a fan of role-playing in training, however, the way the activities were set up didn’t feel like role-playing at all. My take-aways from the training will be insight statements and staying assertive. Great job to the teachers for making it a fun and educational experience.”

— Sales Representative, Dental Company

Customized Sales Training

A unique differentiator that Hayden Education provides dental companies is the complete customization of the Insight Solutions Selling™ training workshops to reflect your solutions. We spend a significant amount of time actually learning your products and services so we can customize the training and effectively teach your sales reps how to sell.

“Patrick and Tamara spending time to know our products and services made this training beneficial to us. They didn’t just present concepts. They gave us real tools to use to make better sales and increase our confidence.”

— Sales Representative, Dental Company

Outside Sales

Patrick Hayden has over 20 years of outside sales and sales training experience in the dental industry. Working for both a direct and distributor-based dental companies, he understands and can empathize with dental sales reps and, as a result, can draw from vast real-life scenarios that enhance learning and sales performance.

“I really liked the fact that you knew the product so well and structured the training around it. It was also good to learn from someone with a dental sales background.”

— Outside Sales Representative, Dental Company

Inside Sales

Many dental companies that have a traditional outside sales model have begun to add an inside sales component to support and enhance the outside sales reps. This combination of inside and outside sales reps provides value-added services for their customers and drives sales. In fact, research has shown that an inside sales approach is growing at a pace that will surpass outside sales, however, inside sales reps need a very different skill set than outside sales reps. Hayden Education has identified this need and designed training with specific selling skills for an inside sales force using Insight Solutions Selling™.

“This was the best sales training I have ever attended. As an inside sales rep I feel more confident to get past the front desk to the decision maker and use the insight statements we scripted in the workshops to close sales.”

— Inside Sales Representative, Dental Company

Coaching to Insight Solutions Selling™

An integral aspect of success with Hayden Education’s Insight Solutions Selling™ process is the adoption by our clients of a company wide coaching culture. The most important part of sales training is the post-training reinforcement and coaching from sales management. But it doesn’t stop there. The sales manager needs to be coached from their supervisor, and so on up the ladder. There is a difference between managing and coaching. Anyone can look at an Excel spreadsheet and analyze the sales numbers and targets with the sales reps. Effective sales coaching develops sales performance and directly impacts sales.

Hayden Education will encourage sales leadership to embrace a culture of sales coaching for the organization. Upfront buy-in from the leadership will ensure that sales managers will comprehend the value, adopt, and apply effective coaching techniques for their sales reps. Coaching to Hayden Education’s Insight Solution Selling™ is a critical to the Insight Solutions Selling™ process and will ensure maximum success and the achievement of the desired performance impact and ROI.

“I will be more observant about the way I approach my coaching with direct reports using questions that will draw out the answers/solutions rather than me providing them.”

— Regional Sales Director, Dental Company