Coaching & Leadership

Corporate Coaching & Leadership Development

Customized 2-Day Coaching and Leadership Workshop

Hayden Education will create and facilitate a customized 2-day Coaching and Leadership workshop designed to develop leadership and sales management in your organization. This comprehensive workshop will be tailored to the identified individual and collective gaps to achieve the overall goals of the organization.

Needs Assessment

  • Collaborate with sales leadership to uncover individual and collective sales management development needs

Design, Development and Delivery

  • Design, develop and deliver 2-day Coaching and Leadership Workshop

Change Management Facilitation

  • Compare and contrast Manage vs Coaching and Leadership Culture
  • Plan action steps and follow up accountability and metrics to evolve leadership into a coaching culture

Leadership Assessment

  • Facilitate management self-assessment at Coaching and Leadership Workshop
  • Conduct 360 Leadership Assessment for management

Analysis and Recommendations

  • Individual manager/leader development plans based on 360 Leadership Assessment

Ongoing Follow-Up

  • Coaching 1:1
  • Design team meeting content to reinforce and promote workshop skills and training

“Without question all sales leaders will benefit from participating in Hayden Education’s Coaching and Leadership course. Tamara does an exceptional job in creating self-awareness in management styles and coaching of our sales reps. I continue to execute and implement best practices learned from this course. It has helped my personal development and growth in managing a salesforce. Tamara is also a lot of fun to work with!”

— Regional Sales Director, Dental Company