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Patrick Hayden, M.Ed

Owner & Principal, Hayden Education

Patrick has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years. As a high-performing consultative-level sales representative, he excelled at developing untapped markets and driving sales as an outside dental sales representative for Straumann, Sirona, Sybron Dental Specialties and Oral-B Laboratories.

Patrick was consistently in the top 10% and a two time “President’s Club” Hawaii trip winner as a top performer. As a mentor and teacher to new sales reps, Patrick was a Field Sales Trainer for new hires and conducted many training classes at National Sales Meetings on products and selling skills.

As a Senior Training Manager and an educator inside headquarters for 8 years with Straumann, Patrick was the first ever North American recipient of the Straumann “Global Simply Doing More” Award for his comprehensive design and development of the New Hire Training Curriculum. Patrick consistently received “Exceeds Expectations” for his high energy, interactive training classes and became Straumann’s first certified Challenger Sales Trainer. With a passion for teaching, Patrick believes that effective education drives sales. Whether it is practice growth for a dental office or sales growth for a dental company, Patrick Hayden’s unique combination of skills as an instructional designer, content developer, sales process expert, and high impact sales trainer will help a dental organization achieve it’s growth goals.

Patrick earned his Masters of Education in Curriculum Design and Adult Learning Theory from the University of Massachusetts. In collaboration with his business partner, Tamara Niedzolkowski, Patrick created Insight Solutions Selling™, a forward thinking and effective sales process that combines question-based and insight selling. He facilitates his classes with enthusiasm and humor, and knows that adults learn best in a positive environment where they are engaged, interact, and can apply what they learned effectively after the training.

Originally from Minnesota, Patrick has lived most of his life in New Hampshire with his wife, two kids, and too many animals to count.

Patrick can be contacted directly at:
603.498.7589 mobile

Tamara Niedzolkowski, M.A.

Organization Development Specialist, Executive Coach

As an Organizational Development Specialist, Tamara acts as a catalyst to help an organization solve its own problems by improving its capabilities. She has an insightful, action-oriented, and flexible approach to working as a trainer and change management facilitator. As an Executive Coach, Tamara develops leadership in dental companies and dental practices through a collaborative process to create a high functioning work environment while fostering learning, dialogue, and innovation. She is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations achieve customized goals that support integrity and enhance team spirit and excellence in the workplace.

  • Change Management
    working with managers and leaders to help them plan and implement significant changes in their organizations such as work reorganization or moves and space changes
  • Group Problem Solving
    helping a group identify a key issue, gather information about it, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address the issue.
  • Talent Management
    helping leaders assess their workforce so that the right people are in the right roles with the right set of skills at the right time.
  • Meeting Design and Facilitation
    working with clients to help them plan an agenda, stay with the agenda, and discuss issues effectively.
  • Team Development
    helping a team to develop its ability to work more effectively together.
  • Business Process Redesign
    working with managers and leaders to analyze the current way of doing a specific piece of work to determine whether there is a better way to design how the work gets done.
  • Customized Training
    working with teams to develop or renew knowledge, skill or values relative to a business goal.

Tamara can be contacted directly at:
603.498.0397 mobile


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Dental Companies

“Like all successful businesses, our company was searching for ways to improve the effectiveness of training our employees. Our goal was to decrease the amount of time required for our new sales people to be solid contributors to the organization. Patrick Hayden conducted a needs assessment of our existing training regimen, enrolled in our online learning curricula and even participated in training sessions to understand our needs and set up a baseline from which to proceed. He then designed an exceptional New Hire Training Curriculum that incorporated adult learning theories and effective selling skills activities.

The outcome, as measured by sales per new employee, demonstrated that Patrick’s methods work! We have since contracted Patrick to consult at Regional Sales Meetings and our National Sales Meeting to enhance the selling skills of our sales representatives. We are very thankful we engaged Hayden Education and look forward to working with them again as new training needs arise.”

— Director of Training and Technical Service, Global Dental Company

“Our fast growing dental company decided to expand our sales force to meet the demands of our customers and grow our business. We have a combination of inside and outside sales representatives. The training for our new hires was ineffective. I was aware of Patrick Hayden’s success as a sales trainer at Straumann. I met with him and asked him to do the impossible: create a New Hire Curriculum in 5 weeks. He delivered! We invested in The Challenger Sale’s online training, and with Patrick’s experience as a certified Challenger trainer at Straumann he created a world class week-long training with engaging workshops and selling skills activities that provided our new inside and outside sales reps confidence to apply their selling skills when they entered their territories.

I also emphasized the need for coaching and leadership development for our sales management. Tamara Niedzolkowski created and facilitated a custom 2-day Coaching and Leadership workshop that laid the groundwork for my direct reports, regional sales directors and inside sales managers, to understand and apply effective coaching strategies with their sales reps to improve sales performance. Tamara continues to conduct regular 1:1 coaching calls with sales management to embed these desired coaching behaviors.

I recommend Patrick and Tamara from Hayden Education to any dental company in need of effective sales training and leadership and coaching development for management”

— Vice President, Sales, Dental Company

Dental Practices

“Our work with Patrick and Tamara has been nothing short of excellent. Tamara has been an extreme joy to work with and is on top of her game. Over the many years in practice, we have worked with many various organizations and none have come close to what Hayden Education has been able to do for our office. Both Tamara and Patrick are easy to work with. They listen and understand what your goals are and help to create ways to help your office and team grow and don't just use a "cookie-cutter" template. Over the past year, we have had several team trainings from them that our team has thought were excellent, informative and engaging. With the help of Tamara, we have been able to integrate many new initiatives that have helped our organization and team grow to new heights. We couldn't be more pleased with the work we have accomplished with Tamara and Patrick.”

— General Practitioner/Owner, Multi-Specialty Practice

“I found Hayden Education’s program to be informative. The information I found most useful as a Registered Dental Hygienist is the way Patrick educated me and the rest of the dental team on how to speak to our patients about implants and bridges. The vocabulary that I learned on the value that dental implant therapy would bring to my patients was simplified and I can communicate much more effectively to my patients. Since, going through Hayden Education’s 3D Guided Implant program I have been discussing implants with my patients more and more. I feel much more confident about the procedure and allows me to answer their questions with ease. I would highly recommend Hayden Education’s training to any dental office!”

— RDH, Dental Practice

“I have enjoyed working with the Hayden Education. Tamara and Patrick have been a breath of fresh air. Since working with them I have been more confident in my role as a team leader in our office. Tamara is always available for any questions or follow-up if I need it. She has given our leaders great information and guidance on how to improve ourselves.”

— Lead Assistant, Multi Specialty Practice

“I love working with Tamara! She has been working wonders for the dental practice I work for! Hayden Education has been a huge part at improving the communication and leadership for our practice. I look forward to working with them more.”

— Lead, Front Desk, Multi Specialty Practice

“Hayden Education recently provided comprehensive implant training to our dental team. The training gave everyone in the office excellent education on dental implant placement and prosthetics, emphasizing the digital workflow and how it benefits both patients and dental offices alike. One of the greatest benefits for my practice was getting all team members (clinical and administrative) on the same page in terms of their knowledge base and having a unified message when talking about dental implants with patients. Patrick and Tamara were engaging with the team and spent time understanding where their understanding of implant dentistry was in order to create an extensive and tailored curriculum for our office. Hayden Education provides a systematic approach to aiding a dental practice make the jump to improving their ability to provide patients w/ state-of-the-art 3D guided implant therapy: from educating the team to helping the office select the best implant company and technology to integrate into the office to providing metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation. Patrick’s years of experience both in the dental field and specifically in implant education is an asset in helping move our office into the future.”

— General Practitioner /Owner, Multi-Specialty Practice

“Hayden Education brought a fresh new approach to educating our staff on the full capabilities of our 3D technology equipment and the benefits of guided dental implant therapy. Our office has been treatment planning and placing implants on patients for several years. However what many offices do not realize is that it is not just the practitioner and assistants that need to be educated on how to perform the technical aspects of placing the actual implants; but it’s equally as important that the administrative staff and hygienists are trained properly to successfully offer implants within the practice.

Whether it’s accurately treatment planning and scheduling, or accurately estimating all of the necessary fees and out of pocket costs for a patient who is either replacing a tooth that was extracted years ago or planning an implant on a tooth that needs to be extracted, a solid understanding of the benefits and options that implants offer is a must.

Patrick brought an easy to understand education experience to the team that has left us much more unified in our communications with patients and there is a noticeable confidence level in each of the team members when communicating with patients about implants. We have seen an increase in implant case acceptance from the first week after the training was complete. There is a clear and precise understanding of what, when and how procedures need to be scheduled. Treatment planning implants is now just as routine as treatment planning and scheduling a crown. Its impressive to see the results of this training and the immediate impact it has had on the office. I would recommend Hayden Education’s course to ANY office that offers dental implants to their patients, regardless of how long you have been placing implants for. The practitioner and assistants ability to place an implant is only a fraction of what it takes to successfully and continuously place implants in your practice.”

— General Practitioner

Executive Coaching

“I could not be more pleased with the service I received from Hayden Education. The one-on-one coaching with Tamara was particularly rewarding. She helped me identify simple solutions to sharpen my management skills and offered actionable feedback that has made me a better leader. Highly recommend!”

— Regional Sales Director, Dental Company

“As the manager of a sales team, helping people to be better at their jobs is an ongoing focus for me. Tamara Niedzolkowski of Hayden Education brought a fresh perspective on coaching and teaching that immediately improved the effectiveness of my daily coaching sessions and 1-on-1 meetings. I highly recommend Hayden Education to any organization looking to elevate the performance of their team.”

— Inside Sales Manager, Dental Company

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